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The Rose City One (RC1)

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The Rose City One (formerlyknownas RC1)
Was born Wyndham Pierce McNair on 12 17 1983
He grew up on 9th and Killingworth st. and is the oldest of 6 kids. He began writing songs at the age of 10yrs old and by the time he was 14 yrs old He started his trip through the foster home system.
By age 16 he began selling and abusing drugs and by age 17 he was no longer selling hard drugs, but he was using them.
He claims that he has seen a lot in the streets of Portland and has a unique perspective because of the things he has been through.
The RoseCityOne speaks out against the mental oppression of people, and has a special message for his people especially, (the99percent)
No matter what he was going through his poetry and music followed him!
He picked up playing the piano by ear and even started producing. You can find the proof in his latest album called  “T.third W.orld O.rder”
The Rose City One has worked with several artist including
HANiF (formerly known as Luck-One)…
SEP (Southeastproductions).
And many more.


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