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Nick Ladd also known as Poe-Addict is a Universal song-writer, an innovative poet, and a Portland based rapper. His style is very unique in word structure and content. His choices of words are exquisite and creative delivering the type of cadence which is beautiful, rhythmical, and poetic. And his meanings are very hopeful, and optimistic. He started writing poetry at the age of 15 years old. As an outkast in High School, it was the only way he felt comfortable to truly express himself by connecting the pen to the pad finding a healthy outlet from reality. Poe-Addict stands for “Poetry Addiction” which resembles who Nick Ladd truly is as and the root of his artistic expression. Now, Poe-Addict is a work in progress, and came a VERY long way to where he currently is as a progressing artist. He had consistent shows in 2014, and is in the process of perfecting his craft. He also writes music with an acoustic guitarist named John Fox which they plan on putting together a band whenever the right time comes. Their song “Synchronicity” was their first song that they started performing together and it got much love and attention at the shows. Poe-Addict hopes to inspire, and encourage folks to be who they truly are through the art form of hip hop and poetry.















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