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Myke L. / Blakk Treez



Myke L. also known as Blakk Treez on various occasion came up with a way to keep his sense of self and adapt to the undeniable laws of the universe. Born in Portland, OR Myke L.  bounced back and forth between  Oregon and California eventually ending up in San Bernardino, CA at the young age of 6. Myke L. may have been surrounded by palm trees and 70 degree year around weather but he was definitely not on some lavish Hollywood vacation. Growing up surrounded by Gangs, Drugs, Crime, and Police sirens on a 7 day weekly basis there was most definitely more than enough extracurricular activities that provided a distraction for the young growing man. With no father or any male role models to keep him on the right path he had to somehow develop an outlet that would eventually revert his attention from the negativity that surrounded him. “Music and football has always been it for me. I’ve always felt like somewhat of an outcast no matter where I went and who I was surround around I’ve just always realized I was ALOT different than the people around me. Even though I can’t tell what someone else is thinking I just know your thought patterns aren’t vibrating on the same frequency” At the age of 14 Myke L. along with his mother (Tiffany), older sister (Jasmine), and younger brother(Joshua) eventually made the transition from Gang infested Southern San Bernardino California to The verdant rainforest of the Pacific Northwest.




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