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Krazy K-LOE

Krazy K-LOE


Lease beats $35 (RLM members $20)
Exclusive $100
Beats can be bought in bundles: 10 for $100
To hear beats by Krazy K-LOE go to www.soundclick.com/krazykloe

I have 20+ years of music knowledge and have been working with all kinds of artist from rock to hip hop. I have helped many artist develop there skills and knowledge on how to make money and keep a proper paper trail with BMI and Copyrights to basic recording and writing developmentā€¦
It is hard to put a price on this because there is so much involved. I would become a artist rep for $100 that would provide them with the skills to move forward with paper work and rights and computer skills and programs and much more. Beats are not included.

I can track out and engineer beats for artist. I also have mastering programs which can be used for mastering. $50 a track.

On Side Recording:
I can do on side recoding Hip Hop only $25 hour and travel cost and room and board meals are paid..

There are many other things I cam able to do musically. I custom produce beats. I file and BMI and Copyright paper work for artist. I develop artist. I have a Publishing company. I have helped a lot of artist get started in the music industry with big and small things and advice. I have a lot of knowledge of different production programs and techniques live and studio. If you have any questions about anything you may contact Krazy K-LOE at krazykloe333@gmail.com attn: RLM INFO and I will get back to you with in 48 hours.


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