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Aaron Fennell was born in the small Northern California town of San Anselmo. He grew up playing baseball and doing many extracurricular activities, though his home life was stressful to say the least. This stress poured into Aaron’s personal life and ended up getting him acquainted with the local authorities. After strife and tribulation, Aaron endured two years in the California juvenile justice system before being sent to boarding school in Oregon at the age of 17. After rehab, juvenile hall, alternative schooling and two boarding schools, Aaron was ready to redefine himself. He settled in Bend OR in 2012 and has been there since attending the local community college year round. Aaron found himself at a stalemate two years later, longing to find a passion. With a notebook full of raps, Aaron contacted local artists in the hope of making a connection. What he got was an opening gig for Central Oregon’s hip hop king, Mosley Wotta. The opportunity gave Aaron a chance to meet Talilo of Ancient Sol, another headliner from the concert. After making an initial connection, Aaron followed up with Talilo by traveling to Portland and recording music as an artist for RLM. Aaron’s stage name is Benedixon.





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